Industrial and welcoming, basically "at home"


Environments to live

From the Concept - individually studied for each situation - to the design: Following the context needs and the future users’ requirements.

The space includes potentialities to be developed and prospects that could make each environment unique, functional and on a human scale. For us, every project that takes shape must be taken care of and followed step by step without neglecting the details.

The fundamental idea of ​​our design thinking aims to be summarized by the words of Carlo Scarpa.


"If Architecture is good, whoever listens to it and looks at it feels the benefits without realizing it"
Carlo Scarpa



From the Design

with a thousand revisions!

spazio 1 v3

To the realization

Between carpenter and joiner

spazio 2

To the final product

taylor made architecture

spazio 3

Through the choice of materials

among a thousand worlds


Laboratory and Workshop

Hand made

And hours on the PC